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@) API Usage:

All of our services are available once you are registered with us. Registration is free of cost and is required to let us know whether there are any users of our api or not and how many users are actually using it.

To call any of our api you will have to register with us on this site and use your "secret-code" and "key" available on your profile page.

Both registration and api calls are free and without any usage limitation.

Our apis are very simple and secure to implement, to know how to use please download our sample. (Only registered users can download sample code)

I) Webshots (Image of a webpage):

This api provides image of any webpage.

This api is developed in such a way that it encourages usage from server-side.

For those who have to show preview of other webpages on a webpage we will recommend to call it from ajax, store image at their end once obtained from this api and use that image for multiple loading as direct loading will take much more time for the page to load.

Feel free to Contact us regarding any doubts.

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II) CC Classes And Objects (Curtailed Concise Classes And Trimmed Or Reduced Objects):

This api provides a very simple and convenient way to create trimmed objects of a class by creating curtailed concise classes of original class based upon the requirement.

To know more about theoretical concept, visit cc classes & objects theory page.

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* Currently only supports PHP.

PHP Classes

CC Classes & Objects

PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
November 2012
Number 6

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Using this api you can generate class files which will only contain functions that are relevant to a specific functionality that is being server on a particular page / view.

You can generate more than one such files of one class for use on diff. pages or views, and make sure you don't use more than one generated class file of same class on same page (i.e. generate and use only one class file per class, which will contain only necessary functions of that class that are required for that page or view).

If want to use with any framework, make sure to integrate it into framework's class loading & object creation mechanism.

To apply it on core classes of framework you can define array containing all functions from a class that are being called on various scenarios (pages or combination of functions required together at once) and use that info to call this api to generate curtailed concise classes that can be loaded and used depending on scenarios (pages or combination of functions required together at once) required.

You can even store info, like curtailed concise classes are to be generated for which classes and which functions are required in that class in some file instead of directly calling the api while serving the webpage request and call it in background or via ajax.

Note: If you have integrated this api in your project to create curtailed concise classes automatically based on file update time (as demonstrated in sample) then also if possible avoid to make use of api or call the api in live mode of your application as whenever api call will be made at that time that webpage request will be served very slowly as calling api takes time (calling in background can be solution to this) but there is also possibility of api being called more than once for same functions of same class if this is not handled properly.

There are few minor limitations of the functionality of api which can be taken care as per mentioned in detail below.

* Limitation: Note on limitations and req. care to be taken for it while using the api (click here to view api usage limitations)