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PLSEIN : The computer science and software engineering hub, an effort to bring not only new ideology in computer science and software engineering but to easily provide some basic but sparse facilities.

Below is a brief about various pages of this website.

Book (Project Book)

On Book page you can know more about various services and products that we provide. Its like a page where all of our work is penned down.

For some of the services or products (which are new and require some explanatory notes) there will be a link to theoretical (technical concept) detail page where the actual idea behind the development and use of that service or product has been explained.


On Products page you can look into various services and products that we provide and how to use them.


On E-Xtras page you can find various services or products that are not related to us but are still useful.

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Your feedback is extremely valuable for us, you can contact us at any time by sending an email from Contact Us page. We would like to listen from You.


Share your thoughts and actively contribute at Blog. Stay connected, lot more to come ...

About Us

A small note about site at About Us page.

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So, move on and visit book page to get insight on theory related to our products or visit products page to know more about what we have for you.